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General Conditions

Lockerbox NL BV General Conditions

Article 1 Application

  1. These general conditions apply to the use of the Lockerbox lockers and all agreements made with Lockerbox NL BV, hereinafter called the „Operator“, concerning articles, clothing, bags, money and/or valuables placed in custody, hereinafter called the „articles“, in the Lockerbox lockers.
  2. All agreements concluded by Lockerbox NL BV are governed solely by Dutch law.

Article 2 Offer and acceptance of articles.

  1. Articles may not be kept and/or stored in the lockers that might constitute a risk and/or nuisance. The operator is entitled to have articles shown to the operator or its personnel before they are deposited in the locker. The operator or its personnel are entitled to refuse the placing of certain articles in the locker that they feel may cause a danger or nuisance.
  2. The user is himself responsible at all times for articles lodged in the locker.

Article 3 Creation of the agreement

  1. The agreement with the operator takes effect as soon as the user has taken the locker into use in accordance with the procedure indicated by the operator in the user instructions
  2. An agreement or promise departing from clause 3.1 is legally valid and enforceable by the user only and exclusively if the operator has concluded it with the user in writing.
  3. The user undertakes to observe the written and/or oral user instructions concerning the lockers and use of keys.

Article 4 Inspecting, removing and destroying articles.

  1. The operator is entitled to open the locker. The operator may examine articles given in custody even if the articles have been entrusted to us in a sealed bag, suitcase or the like.
  2. Articles that in the operator’s opinion are hazardous or could cause a nuisance, such as explosives, chemicals or perishable goods may be destroyed, removed or sold at the user’s expense without the user being entitled to enforce any claim in this connection.

Article 5 Collecting articles

  1. The articles must be collected during the indicated opening times and before the time limit for which custody has been agreed or for which the locker made available has expired.  The articles will be released only after the charges due have been paid in full.
  2. The articles will be returned to the person who can surrender the key to the locker concerned.  The operator is discharged towards any person if the operator releases the article without any examination to any person who is in possession of the right key.

Article 6 Lost/broken key
On loss or breakage of the key, the operator will withhold the deposit paid and the articles will be surrendered only if the user has proved his entitlement thereto to our satisfaction.

The operator is entitled in that event:

  1. To ascertain the identity of the user by means of his passport, driving licence or other means of identification and to make a photocopy thereof;
  2. To surrender the articles only at the end of the time limit referred to in article 5 (1);
  3. Where applicable, to require a sum to be paid by way of administration charges as indicated;
  4. And, if necessary, before the articles are surrendered, to require that a deposit to be decided by the operator will be paid amounting to the value of the articles. The deposit will be returned after 15 months or as much earlier as the user’s entitlement to the articles has been satisfactorily established.

Article 7 Exceeding the retention or hire period

  1. If articles are not collected within the time limit for which safekeeping has been agreed or the locker has been made available, the operator will be entitled to store the articles elsewhere and/or at a higher rate.
  2. If three months have expired after the time limit referred to in paragraph 1 without the articles being collected as provided in articles 5 and 6, the operator is entitled to sell or destroy these articles without the user being entitled to any claim. In the event of sale, the proceeds will remain at the user’s disposal after deducting the storage and other expenses incurred, for a period not exceeding 1 year following the time limit referred to in the previous sentence.
  3. The operator is in no event liable for loss resulting through the retention or hire period being exceeded and/or resulting from sale and/or destruction of the articles as provided by clause 7.2.

Article 8 Liability.

  1. A locker is always used at own risk. The operator can never and on no account be held liable for the loss of the key or failure to collect the articles after use.
  2. The operator is on no account liable for loss unless wilful act or gross negligence can be demonstrated against the operator.
  3. Should it be held by final legal decision that the operator is liable for loss, it will on no account be liable for more than € 200.- per locker hired.
  4. Before taking the locker into use, the user will check whether the locker is empty and clean and operates as it should. Should the user find articles, the user will be obliged towards the operator to hand these to the operator of the locker system or its personnel.